The Snow Chain Installation and Removal Tool

Finally the clean way to install and uninstall tire chains

Made in Slovakia. EU and US patent pending

A true gift from heaven ...

The S.C.I.R.T. was designed to give a user the highest level of comfort when mounting AND dismounting traditional, European style tire chains.

With the S.C.I.R.T. in hands, tire chain installation gets really simple and effortless ...

Will you be prepared to install and remove tire chains under ANY conditions?

When you can't go without thick gloves ... when tires and wheel wells of your car get covered with frozen snow, dirty slush or mud ... if you drive a RWD, or a sports car with very little clearance between tires and wheel wells ...

That's when you really appreciate this smart, rugged tool.

When you install or remove tire chains with the S.C.I.R.T. :

You NEVER need to reach behind the front rim of the wheel;

You NEVER need to "hug" a dirty, cold tire or "dig" inside the wheel well of your car;

You can leave your thick winter gloves on during the WHOLE procedure.

The S.C.I.R.T. :

Requires minimum working space (excellent for sports cars);

Requires NO wheel side turning in order to remove a tire chain (excellent for RWD cars);

Helps to clean a wheel/a wheel well from snow, slush, mud or ice (it 's designed to be used as an ice picker);

Provides 3:1 ratio lever to overcome any frozen snow chain fastener;

Minimizes requirements on user's physical strength;

Fits any common snow chain travel case;

Is made from hardened steel (46-48 HRc) for a long-time use.

You'll only need three fingers to install or remove your tire chains;

You'll NOT need to reach behind the front rim when doing so at all;

Your hands will be kept clean and comfortable;

Installing tire chains has never been easier;

Tire chain removal has never been easier.

Tire chains are here for a reason

It's been proven countless times that on snow packed roads, even with winter tires on, you can wreck your car easily if you don't use tire chains. Even if you drive a 4WD ...

Tire chains play an important role in preventing car accidents during the winter, so don't let worries about your hands getting cold or your clothes getting dirty stop you from using them.

S.C.I.R.T. is compatible with size 9, 12 and 16mm Diamond-pattern (European style) tire chains, like:

König CL,CG,CD,Comfort Magic,Magic,CB/Fly A
Ottinger Ringkette,LightRS,MaxiGS,Q-Tec...
Weissenfels Prestige,Attiwa,Uniqua,Tecna...
Thule CL,CG,CB,XG,XB...
RUD easy2go,TOP10,GRIP ...
Pewag Brenta-C ...
Peerless Chain Auto-Track
Berlan,Alpin,Dunlop,Filmer,IceStar,Cartrend ...
... and many, many others that are equipped with a standard push-to-unlock chain fastener

For more info please contact us at info@snowchainstool.eu.